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Handbooks & Manuals

The IHSAA handbook and IHSAA manuals are updated annually to reflect any changes in articles or bylaws.



School enrollment numbers from each year inform the following school year’s classification for IHSAA-sanctioned sports. Enrollment numbers are retrieved from the Basic Educational Data Survey and the Iowa Department of Education.


General IHSAA Policies

All athletic participants and spectators of IHSAA-sanctioned events are expected to adhere by the following policies. Failure to do so may result in ejection or removal from an event or interference by police.

Scholarship Eligibility

In order to maintain eligibility for participation in Iowa high school athletics, students are expected to meet outlined grading standards in their coursework and school enrollment.

Transfer Student Athletic Eligibility

In the circumstance of a student transferring from a school in another state/country or from one IHSAA-member school to another, the transfer rules and regulations may apply or initially limit sport participation. For complete eligibility information, see the IHSAA Handbook.

School District Changes Eligibility

Every aspiring high school athlete should have the chance to participate in IHSAA-sanctioned athletics. Read the information on varying district circumstances regarding eligibility for students effected by cooperative sharing, district dissolution, and more.


Sanctioning Forms

The following documents are strictly information, please contact sanctioning@nfhs.org to start the process.

Media Resources

Media representatives are welcome to cover IHSAA events while following professional and school guidelines detailed in the annual policy manual. To broadcast video from postseason lead-up events, please refer to the policies, fees, and applications required for access. At state tournament events, the Iowa High School Sport Network’s (IHSSN) audio and video policies may also be in place.



The Iowa High School Sports Network is the exclusive rights holder for specific broadcast, marketing, and media rights for the IHSAA. This includes producing and broadcasting for television and video streaming at IHSAA state tournament events in football, wrestling, basketball, track and field, soccer, and baseball.



The IHSAA and IGHSAU track statistical data and scores for specific sports through Quik Stats Iowa online. Schools and their teams are responsible for the statistical and scheduling entry. The site and data entry are managed by ASPi Solutions through Varsity Bound.


Lighting Guidelines

Properly-lit athletic fields provide more opportunity for participants and lead to increased family and community attendance at evening events. Member schools may follow Musco Lighting’s approved guidelines for facility lighting.



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