IHSAA Workshops

Student Leadership Workshop

The workshops are interactive and tied directly to the principles of leadership and communication in the context of skills for the 21st Century. The programming is specifically aimed at student-athletes to help develop their leadership skills. The workshops also provide students the opportunity to gather away from the playing field and explore issues they have in common: stress management, overcoming obstacles, communication, and leadership development.

Conference Connections (PDF Overview)

Conference Connections Workshops

Looking for a way to kick-start the school year? Consider hosting a Conference Connections workshop. These workshops are structured as student leadership workshops. Through the partnership of the IHSAA and its sponsors, there is no cost to bring Conference Connections programming to your activity conference.

Student Mental Health Awareness & Self Care

A continued focus of the 2023-2024 Conference Connections program is student mental health awareness and self-care. According to recent surveys, more than 30% of all teenagers have experienced heightened levels of stress or anxiety in their high school experience. Students need to learn the difference between good stress and distress and how to manage those situations.

Hosting a Workshop

We typically work with 60-80 students from 3 or more schools in a given activity conference. Some Conference Connections events have included all of the member schools in the conference. Open spaces such as a gym, multi-purpose room, or large classroom are ideal for the workshops. To learn more about Conference Connections, please contact Chad Elsberry, IHSAA Assistant Director, at [email protected] or call 515-432-2011.