Iowa High School State Basketball Tournament


The 2021 IHSAA State Basketball Tournament will take place from March 8-12 at Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines. 

2021 State Basketball schedule

Monday, March 8

Class 1A Quarterfinals

North Linn, Troy Mills 77, South Winneshiek 52 | BOX SCORE

Martensdale-St. Marys 51, Easton Valley 45 (OT) | BOX SCORE

Montezuma 64, Lake Mills 61 (OT) | BOX SCORE

Grand View Christian 54, St. Mary’s, Remsen 49 | BOX SCORE

Class 2A Quarterfinals

Boyden-Hull 74, South Central Calhoun 49 | BOX SCORE

Aplington-Parkersburg 68, Van Meter 41 | BOX SCORE

Tuesday, March 9

Class 2A Quarterfinals

Des Moines Christian 58, Beckman, Dyersville 38 | BOX SCORE

Western Christian, Hull 71, Camanche 55 | BOX SCORE

Class 3A Quarterfinals

Ballard 68, Clear Lake 45 | BOX SCORE

Assumption, Davenport 56, Dallas Center-Grimes 42 | BOX SCORE

Sergeant Bluff-Luton 38, Western Dubuque 37 (OT) | BOX SCORE

Pella 59, Monticello 46 | BOX SCORE

Wednesday, March 10

Class 4A Quarterfinals

Johnston 49, Dowling Catholic, W.D.M. 33 | BOX SCORE

Cedar Falls 42, Dubuque, Senior 27 | BOX SCORE

Ames 54, Council Bluffs, Abraham Lincoln 37 | BOX SCORE

Waukee 65, Pleasant Valley 43 | BOX SCORE

Wednesday, March 10

Class 1A Semifinals

North Linn, Troy Mills 63, Martensdale-St. Marys 50 | BOX SCORE

Montezuma 49, Grand View Christian 35 | BOX SCORE

Thursday, March 11

Class 2A Semifinals

Boyden-Hull 77, Aplington-Parkersburg 66 | BOX SCORE

Western Christian, Hull 56, Des Moines Christian 47 | BOX SCORE

Class 3A Semifinals

Ballard 74, Assumption, Davenport 65 | BOX SCORE

Pella 46, Sergeant Bluff-Luton 32 | BOX SCORE

Class 4A Semifinals

Johnston 64, Cedar Falls 51 | BOX SCORE

Waukee 71, Ames 36 | BOX SCORE

Friday, March 12

Class 1A Championship

Montezuma 44, North Linn, Troy Mills 41 | BOX SCORE

Class 2A Championship

Western Christian, Hull 56, Boyden-Hull 50 | BOX SCORE

Class 3A Championship

Pella 68, Ballard 59 | BOX SCORE

Class 4A Championship

Waukee 61, Johnston 50 | BOX SCORE


Updated through finals

Class 4A  |  Class 3A  |  Class 2A  |  Class 1A 




Class 4A  |  Class 3A  |  Class 2A  |  Class 1A


Seedings for 2021 tournament determined by coaches’ seeding meetings among substate final qualifiers. 



Selected by IHSAA media members  |  Presented by Iowa Farm Bureau




  • Omaha Biliew, Waukee
  • Tucker DeVries, Waukee
  • Tamin Lipsey, Ames
  • Payton Sandfort, Waukee
  • Steven Kramer, Johnston (captain)


  • Karl Miller, Pella
  • Connor Drew, Ballard
  • Emarion Ellis, Assumption
  • Ashton Hermann, Ballard
  • Grant Nelson, Pella


  • Wyatt Gulker, Western Christian
  • Macrus Kelderman, Boyden-Hull
  • Jayden Mackie, Aplington-Parkersburg
  • Tanner Te Slaa, Boyden-Hull
  • Ty Van Essen, Western Christian (captain)



  • Cole Watts, Montezuma
  • Dylan Kurt, North Linn
  • Eddie Burgess, Montezuma
  • Austin Hilmer, North Linn
  • Trey Shearer, Montezuma (captain)



2021 Complete Schedule


Update: Due to restrictions related to COVID-19, consolation games will be suspended for the 2021 IHSAA State Basketball Tournament at Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines. Games will now have at least two hours between tipoff times throughout the complete schedule, with four championship games contested on Friday, March 12. The updated schedule was a decision made in collaboration with the IHSAA’s basketball advisory committee, the Iowa Basketball Coaches Association, and Iowa Events Center.


From the Iowa High School Sports Network. Check your local listings for viewing opportunities.

State Tournament Spectator Information


Masks required of all spectators and attendees at Wells Fargo Arena.

Capacity restricted. All seating reserved into socially distant pods of 2, 4, or 6.

Parking is available at Wells Fargo Arena and around downtown Des Moines, with skywalk access to the arena.

Programs featuring team information and statistics will be for sale at Wells Fargo Arena for $5.


To reduce the transmission of COVID-19, public health guidance recommends social distancing of at least six feet and wearing masks which cover the mouth and nose. The IHSAA will follow City of Des Moines mask mandate guidance requiring every person two years of age or older to wear a face covering that covers their nose and mouth when in a public place, unless they qualify for an exemption or are actively participating (wrestlers, officials) in the event.

Wells Fargo Arena has implemented a clear bag policy for all events. A maximum size of 12″x6″x12″ is permitted. Exceptions will be made for bags containing items required for medical, family, or child care.


Tickets for Class 2A and Class 1A will go on sale to the public at 10 a.m. on Monday, March 1. Tickets for Class 4A and Class 3A will go on sale to the public at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, March 3.


Printed programs from the IHSAA are for sale for $5 each at Wells Fargo Arena. 

Printed programs can be ordered online and sent to you for $8 each (shipping included) through the button below.

A digital version of the program is free to view on Issuu.




Media Information


Registration will begin on Wednesday, March 3 at 9 a.m.

Registration will be required ahead of each date of attendance.

Radio and audio outlets should apply for credentials through the Iowa High School Sports Network, not the IHSAA’s form.

School media representatives (newspaper, yearbook, website, district, etc.): One adult or up to two students. Purchased ticket and administrator letter required. No registration required before arrival.

Credentials will be emailed as scannable tickets for approved media members.


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Western Christian, Hull



2020 State Basketball RECAP

Monday, March 9

Class 1A Quarterfinals 

Montezuma 75, Martensdale-St. Marys 50 | BOX SCORE

Wapsie Valley, Fairbank 49, Lake Mills 45 | BOX SCORE

Bishop Garrigan, Algona 55, Springville 52 | BOX SCORE

West Fork, Sheffield 55, St. Mary’s, Remsen 53 | BOX SCORE

Class 2A Quarterfinals

North Linn, Troy Mills 56, West Sioux, Hawarden 51 | BOX SCORE

Treynor 69, Pella Christian 53 | BOX SCORE

Boyden-Hull 57, Woodward-Granger 26 | BOX SCORE

Tuesday, March 10

Class 2A Quarterfinal

Camanche 67, Monticello 52 | BOX SCORE

Class 3A Quarterfinals

Norwalk 72, Harlan 37 | BOX SCORE

Ballard 54, Center Point-Urbana 48 | BOX SCORE

Clear Creek-Amana 59, Mount Vernon 45 | BOX SCORE

Sergeant Bluff-Luton 58, Pella 43 | BOX SCORE

Class 4A Quarterfinals

Waukee 58, North Scott, Eldridge 50 | BOX SCORE

Ankeny Centennial 53, Davenport, North 51 | BOX SCORE

Wednesday, March 11

Class 4A Quarterfinals

Ankeny 68, Iowa City, West 54 | BOX SCORE

Cedar Falls 64, Dowling Catholic, W.D.M. 62 | BOX SCORE

Class 1A Semifinals

Wapsie Valley, Fairbank 57, Montezuma 42 | BOX SCORE

Bishop Garrigan, Algona 66, West Fork, Sheffield 52 | BOX SCORE

Class 2A Semifinals

Boyden-Hull 64, Camanche 49 | BOX SCORE

North Linn, Troy Mills 79, Treynor 58 | BOX SCORE

Thursday, March 12

Class 1A Consolation

Montezuma 78, West Fork, Sheffield 72 | BOX SCORE

Class 2A Consolation

Camanche 77, Treynor 66 | BOX SCORE

Class 3A Semifinals

Norwalk 79, Ballard 61 | BOX SCORE

Sergeant Bluff-Luton 55, Clear Creek-Amana 46 | BOX SCORE

Class 4A Semifinals

Waukee 68, Ankeny Centennial 62 | BOX SCORE

Ankeny 71, Cedar Falls 57 | BOX SCORE

Friday, March 13

Class 3A Consolation

Clear Creek-Amana 76, Ballard 73 (OT) | BOX SCORE

Class 4A Consolation

Cedar Falls 65, Ankeny Centennial 58 | BOX SCORE

Class 1A Championship

Wapsie Valley, Fairbank 65, Bishop Garrigan, Algona 53 | BOX SCORE

Class 2A Championship

Boyden-Hull 64, North Linn, Troy Mills 51 | BOX SCORE

Class 3A Championship

Norwalk 70, Sergeant Bluff-Luton 68 | BOX SCORE

Class 4A Championship

Ankeny 78, Waukee 70 | BOX SCORE


Class 4A  |  Class 3A  |  Class 2A  |  Class 1A



Presented by Iowa Farm Bureau


Class 4A
  • Tucker DeVries, Waukee
  • Landon Wolf, Cedar Falls
  • Cody McCullough, Ankeny Centennial
  • Payton Sandfort, Waukee
  • Braxton Bayless, Ankeny (captain)
Class 3A
  • Tyler Johnson, Norwalk
  • Tyler Schrepfer, Clear Creek-Amana
  • Connor Drew, Ballard
  • Daniel Wright, Sergeant Bluff-Luton
  • Bowen Born, Norwalk (captain)
Class 2A
  • Keyton Moser, Boyden-Hull
  • Austin Hilmer, North Linn
  • Marcus Kelderman, Boyden-Hull
  • Tanner Te Slaa, Boyden-Hull
  • Austin Miller, North Linn (captain)
Class 1A
  • Angelo Winkel, Bishop Garrigan (captain)
  • Kiks Rosengarten, Wapsie Valley
  • Trey Shearer, Montezuma
  • John Joyce, Bishop Garrigan
  • Gunner Meyer, Wapsie Valley

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