2024 Basketball Postseason

Manuals provide the most up to date policies, rules, and regulations for Iowa High School Athletic Association sports in the regular season and postseason. Member school athletic directors and head coaches seeking more information or clarifications or the contents of this manual should contact the IHSAA sport administrator for this sport: Todd Tharp. All other inquiries should be directed through athletic directors or coaches at member schools or host schools. 

All the rules and regulations governing this sport can be found in the annual NFHS Rule Book, which all member schools receive from the IHSAA on an every year basis, excep updates or experiments approved by the Board of Control.

District and Substate Seeding Procedures

Class 1A

There will be 16 districts with nine teams in each district.

The 16 district champions will play in eight substates with the substate winner qualifying for the Boys’ State Basketball Tournament.

No seeding will be used for substate tournament games.

District pairings will be posted  on the Monday of Week 32 of the NFHS calendar.

Each district will have a #8 vs. #9 game that will be played on Friday, February 9th . The winner of that contest will play the #1 seed on Monday, February 12th .

SITES:  Single games will be played during the Class 1A, 2A, 3A and 4A post season tournament with the higher seeded team having priority to host.  District final and substate final games will be played at neutral sites.  District and Substate final sites may include doubleheaders.


Class 2A

There will be 15 districts with six teams in the district and 1 district with seven teams due to there being 97 teams.

The 16 district champions will play in eight substates with the substate winner qualifying for the Boys’ State Basketball Tournament.

No seeding will be used for substate tournament games.

District pairings will be posted  on the Monday of Week 32 of the NFHS calendar.

The top two (2) seeds in the districts with six teams will receive a bye in the first round of the tournament and advance to the second round of the tournament.  In the district with seven teams, only the top seed will receive a bye in the first round.

SITES:  Single games will be played during the Class 1A, 2A, 3A and 4A post season tournament with the higher seeded team having priority to host.  District final and substate final games will be played at neutral sites.  District & Substate final sites may include doubleheaders.


Class 3A

There will be eight substates with eight teams each.

The substate winners will qualify for the Boys’ State Basketball Tournament.

Substate pairings will be posted on the Monday of Week 33 of the NFHS calendar.

SITES:  Single games will be played during the Class 1A, 2A, 3A and 4A post season tournament with the higher seeded team having priority to host.  District final and substate final games will be played at neutral sites.  Substate final sites may include doubleheaders.


Class 4A

There will be eight substates with six teams each.

The eight substate winners will qualify for the Boys’ State Basketball Tournament.

The top two (2) seeds  will receive a bye in the first round of the tournament and advance to the second round of the tournament.

Substate pairings will be posted on the Monday of Week 33 of the NFHS calendar.

SITES:  Single games will be played during the Class 1A, 2A, 3A and 4A post season tournament with the higher seeded team having priority to host.  District final and substate final games will be played at neutral sites.  Substate final sites may include doubleheaders.

Host School Information

Recommended Criteria for Schools Hosting IHSAA Games

A regulation court, minimum 84 feet, no restraining line.

Approximately 3 feet of clearance on each end under the basket.

Adequate restroom facilities/lobby/and concession areas.

A minimum of two locker rooms for single games and four locker rooms for doubleheaders and a room for officials.

If the IHSAA feels that a facility is not adequate, even though it meets the specifications, the IHSAA has the right to change the site after reviewing the facility.


Practice Sessions & Warm-Up Periods Prior To District And Substate Games

There will be no practice on the floor of a tournament site. Teams participating in a district or substate tournament game will not be allowed to warm up on the playing floor until 35 minutes prior to the start of the game. This warm-up policy also pertains to the host school.  Host schools are permitted to have a shoot around after school.  The floor should be cleared 90 minutes prior to game time.

Violators of the practice rule will be automatically eliminated from the tournament series. If the violation occurs during the tournament series, the team they last defeated in the tournament will advance.


IHSAA Pregame Policies/Procedures

It is recommended the National Anthem be played prior to the start of the first game each night a school is hosting the tournament. The National Anthem may be done by recording, singing, or played instrumentally by student groups.


Public Address Announcement Policy

Per IHSAA Board of Control Policy, August 2019. The public address system at an IHSAA postseason event is not to be used as an open public forum for the expression of views by individuals or organizations concerning political, philosophical, religious, or other matters unrelated to the conduct of the event, or the management and safe use of the event site. For example, conducting a prayer over the public address system is prohibited at IHSAA postseason or sponsored events.


Pre-Game Starting Line-Up Introductions

It is the expectation of the IHSAA that the starting five players for each team are introduced prior to the game along with the two head coaches and the three officials assigned by the Iowa High School Athletic Association. The following protocol should be followed when starting line-ups are introduced:

  • There is to be no music played during the introduction of either starting line-up.
  • The lights in the gymnasium are not to be dimmed or shut off during the introduction of either starting line-up.
  • There should be no photos of the starting line-up presented on the host school’s video board, nor other information about the starting line-up.
  • The starting line-up should be introduced beginning with the lowest numbered member on the visiting team until all five visiting starters are introduced, then the lowest numbered player on the home team, continuing until all players are introduced. Non-starters are not to be introduced.
  • Players and coaches are not to “fist bump” the officials hired to work the game.
  • This protocol may be altered to include dimming of the lights at substate neutral sites only.


Main or Auxiliary Gym Use Prior To District And Substate Games

During the postseason, the main basketball court and all secondary/auxiliary gyms are closed and off limits to all schools 90 minutes prior to game time.


Film And Videotape Restrictions

Videotaping or filming is permissible in scouting your opponent. Space for taping or filming for scouting is not required of the host school. Hand-held cameras are recommended. Tripods should not be used from a paid seat.


Player-Bench Occupants And Bench Assignments

During a contest, the player bench may be occupied by the eligible substitutes, head coach, assistant coach(es), faculty representatives, bona fide team managers, bona fide team statisticians and scorekeeper, bona fide team trainer or physician, and any disqualified players unless they have been instructed to remove themselves from the player bench. The Home Team, shall occupy the bench to the RIGHT of the official scorer as he/she normally faces the playing floor, whereas the Visiting Team shall occupy the bench to the LEFT of the official scorer. Teams will not change player benches during the contest. (If the host school normally sits on the left side of the official scorer during the regular season, they may continue to do so while playing as the host school.) Host school officials should make all attempts to make sure that opposing teams fans are not placed behind each teams bench area.


Use of Floors Between Halves of Tournament

The Board of Control has established the rule that tournament managers shall see to it that no basket shooting shall be permitted between halves of tournament games except for the few minutes required by each team to warm up prior to the start of the second half. There are several reasons for this ruling, but one important reason is to clear the floor during the half so it can be cleaned by your attendants in preparation for the start of the second half.

There will be no entertainment of any kind on the floor prior to the game, at half-time or between games. This includes awards presentations and/or recognition presentations.


Assignment of Baskets For All Tournament Games

There shall be no choice of basket at the beginning of any tournament game. The home team (white colored uniforms as described below) will warm up at the basket opposite their team bench. The team in the dark colored uniforms will warm up at the basket opposite their team bench. This puts the second-half offense in front of their respective benches.

When the host school is playing, they are considered the home team and will wear the white-colored uniforms. The IHSAA Board of Control recommends that fans of each respective team be placed behind their team and not to put the home team’s crowd behind the visiting team and vice versa.


White And Dark Jerseys

Higher seeded teams will be considered the home team and wear their white jerseys through the district finals.

Higher seeded teams will be considered the home team and wear their white jerseys at the substate final contest.  For Classes 1A and 2A, if both teams have the same seed, head to head competition will be used to determine the home team.  If no head to head competition took place, the higher ranked team will be considered the higher seed.  If neither team is ranked, the team LAST alphabetical will be considered the home team.

It is possible for a team to be required to wear white uniforms in one tournament game and dark-colored uniforms in a subsequent tournament game.

The team wearing the white uniforms will be considered the “home team” and the team wearing the dark-colored uniforms will be considered the “visiting team.”



Damage To Baskets, Nets And/Or Rims

The Board of Control wants it clearly understood that if any damages result to the net, rim or backboard caused by a player’s activities, other than the normal play or legal acts, the member school represented by such player(s)/student(s) shall be liable to replace the damaged equipment. Nets are not to be taken down by the winning schools.


Programs For District And Substate

Any host school may furnish official programs for its tournaments either on a gratuity or sales basis and may retain any profits derived from the sale of advertising. No advertising concerning tobacco, drugs, alcoholic beverages, or any other product which would not be in the best interest of good training habits by high school athletes will be permitted. Spectators appreciate the availability of official programs. **Programs should include at a minimum: Player Name, Grade, Height, Number, Cheerleaders, Coaches, and Athletic Director.


Checking Bleachers And Overcrowding of Gymnasiums

Your attention is called to the importance of checking your bleachers to avoid overcrowding. This is a serious matter and you are urged to check your bleachers carefully to ascertain that they are in good condition, well supported, and do not permit overcrowding of these bleachers. Every effort should be made to see to it that no concerted swaying movement of fans is permitted. Check your bleachers before each session. Above everything else, do not overcrowd the bleachers and do not permit crowding in the exits and aisles.


Media Photographers

A camera equipped with an electronic flash unit (as well as a camera without any flash equipment) may be used by an official photographer during the entire game. No pictures may be taken directly under the basket which includes that area of the 12-foot free-throw lane extended. Photographers must always vacate the area outside all boundary lines used by the officials. Photographers, as well as bona fide sportswriters, may be admitted free if they are taking pictures for newspapers or television. Amateur photographers must pay regular admission to games.


Charitable Contributions And Solicitations

With the assembly of people at your tournaments, many tournament managers will be confronted with various requests pertaining to donations and contributions to the many organizations which rely upon this method or system of financing their programs. The Board of Control has decided to prohibit the passing of hats, receptacles, blankets, etc., inside the gymnasium at any IHSAA-sponsored tournament for the purpose of collecting any contributions to any group or organization.

The Board of Control does not object to placing a receptacle in the vestibule or lobby of the gymnasium where the people may deposit their contributions, provided this arrangement meets with the approval of the local tournament manager.


Consolation Or Other Games

No consolation games shall be conducted in connection with the boys’ tournament series and no preliminary games of any kind shall be played. If on any of the nights your tournament has scheduled only one game, this is to be the only game played.


Hospitality Room For Administrators And Coaches

It is quite customary for tournament managers to operate a hospitality room for administrators and coaches. In some instances a local organization or business firm assumes these duties. The IHSAA has no objections to such arrangements as long as the tournament manager has administration and supervision of the project.


Procedures For Bad Weather

If the tournament manager determines that due to bad weather the game should be postponed, immediately notify: 1) both schools; 2) the officials; 3) the IHSAA Office; 4) the news media within your area.

There will be no delay in rescheduling the games unless there are extenuating circumstances and the tournament manager shall converse with the IHSAA for any deviation from this procedure. It will not be considered a problem if one team has had several night’s rest and the other team has played the previous night. There is no time within our limited schedule to take this into consideration. The teams will continue play until they are back on schedule. The host manager must determine whether conditions are bad enough to call off the game. A call to the local radio station to help you determine what the weather might be like is a suggestion.


Sportscasters And All Tournament Managers

For approval to broadcast any portion or an entire district or substate basketball tournament, the program director or sports director of a radio station is herewith informed to contact the tournament manager directly either by letter or telephone to secure such approval. In requesting approval, be sure to enumerate the date(s) desired as well as whether the broadcast is to be “live” or “tape-recorded for delayed broadcast”. If your request is by telephone, the tournament manager may grant verbal approval but shall promptly mail his written approval on a “Permission To Broadcast” form furnished by the Association and he shall retain a copy of same for his files. It shall be the responsibility of the broadcasting station to inform a tournament manager whenever such station will not use the space reserved at the tournament site so the manager may make such space available to another station. It must be understood that approval is granted only in accordance with the broadcasting policies adopted by the lowa High School Athletic Association and endorsed by the lowa Broadcasters Association. Each radio station must assume its responsibility in arranging for the necessary telephone lines at each site – this is not the responsibility of any tournament manager. The IHSSN provides online “Permission to Broadcast” forms (for radio) for the state tournament only.

At a later date, all news media people will be sent tournament sites for all classes along with a list of the tournament managers and telephone numbers.


District and Substate Game Procedures

Mercy Rule

The Mercy Rule is in effect for all contests played during the postseason. If there is a 35-point differential at the end of the first half or anytime after, the game will be continued with a running clock. Please keep in mind that the first half will be played to completion with regular timing. If during the running clock in the second half the score margin drops below 25 points, then normal timing procedures will resume for the remainder of the game, or until the 35 point difference is again reached. If the 35 point differential is reached, the clock will run continuously throughout the second half except for the following situations:

  • Anytime a time-out is charged to a team.
  • Stoppage to administer free-throws.
  • Intermission between the third and fourth quarter.
  • Extended injury time-out.
  • Anytime officials determine it is necessary for safety or other reasons.


Number of Players, Coaches, Auxiliary And Cheerleaders

No more than 18 contestants from any school may participate in each district, substate, or state tournament game. This simply means a team may have 18 players in uniform for any district, substate, or state tournament game. The team may use different players to make up the 18 member team for each game.

The head coach and his bona fide assistant(s), as well as team managers, trainers, bus driver, and a scorekeeper, may be admitted in addition to the players (Total of 25).

A tournament checklist is located on our website under the Basketball tab. You are to complete the tournament checklist in its entirety including names of your 18 players and their respective numbers for both light and dark uniforms, coaches and managers, cheerleaders (not to exceed six plus a mascot, if in uniform), and cheerleader coach.

In most instances, the tournament manager will need your tournament checklist in advance. However, if your checklist has not been requested in advance, mail or deliver it. It is each school’s responsibility to assume the completion of all information as well as delivery of the checklist.


Postseason Checklist Summary (On IHSAA Website)

Six cheerleaders in uniform, plus one mascot and one coach

Official traveling party is a maximum of 25 people

Maximum of eighteen players in uniform

Seven other personnel (head coach, assistant coaches, players not in uniform, trainers, managers, scorer, bus driver, etc.)


Admission For District & Substate Games

District and substate hosts should communicate with the schools involved regarding the ability to use the complimentary administrator cards for entry into the contest.

District and Substate Tournament ticket prices are $6.00 each for all classes. Substate Final games are $8.00 each.

The IHSAA will be using HomeTown ticketing during the basketball postseason. Additional information will be sent to schools regarding how to use this program.

All personnel not listed on the Postseason Tournament Checklist must pay for admission. This means the pep bus drivers, administrators (based on the determination of the host school), together with all other spectators, must pay.

Each school administrator is urged to review this manual and discuss the same with their coaches, other faculty personnel, players and bus drivers. Thorough knowledge will eliminate embarrassment for your school as well as unnecessary problems for the tournament manager.


Passes Out

You are urged to avoid passes out. A good rule to follow is, “if you’re in, you’re in, and if you’re out, you’re out”. It is not necessary, as most of us know, to give passes out. It simply invites people to run in and out of the building.

In the event that it is necessary to give pass-out checks, it is suggested that a rubber stamp be used to mark the back of a person’s hand.


Musical Entertainment at Tournaments

The Board of Control will permit the use of reproduction of recorded or taped music over the host’s amplifying system at any district or substate tournament. Said music is to be played only prior to the first game, during the intermissions between quarters, between halves, between games, and following games (not during other time-out periods) with the understanding that any participating school shall be given the courtesy of having its school song presented. The following are not permitted: sirens; horns; bells; buzzers; thunder sticks or any type of artificial or mechanical noisemaker; cheerleader routines and pom-pon routines are not permitted prior to the game, at half-time or between games. There will be no entertainment of any kind on the floor prior to the game or at half-time.

 Pep Bands

The host school is permitted to have a pep band perform.  A maximum of 50 pep band members are permitted and shall receive complimentary admission into the contest.  Pep bands are not permitted at district final and substate final sites.  Pep bands are permitted at the state tournament. A maximum of 50 pep band members are permitted at the state tournament and shall receive complimentary admission into their respective contest.

Sportsmanship And Conduct In Tournaments

Every administrator and coach whose school participates in a tournament is charged with the responsibility of expecting and maintaining the highest standards of general behavior for students and fans. The school administration should embrace the opportunity to emphasize the need and value of demonstrating proper respect toward both teams, coaches, cheerleaders, and officials.

The Board of Control of the Iowa High School Athletic Association has adopted a policy whereas shirts and shoes will be the required attire for all in attendance at any indoor IHSAA-sponsored athletic events.


Banners, Signs, Hoops, Confetti, Balloons, Noise Makers, Etc. Prohibited

The IHSAA Board of Control has adopted a regulation which prohibits the display of any banners or signs, the use of the paper hoop or human tunnels designed for players to penetrate when coming onto the floor at game time, as well as the use of newspaper, confetti, or any other form of paper or debris. It is essential that fire hazards be eliminated whenever possible.

Furthermore, with the prohibition of signs, banners, etc., no misunderstandings or ill feeling should develop between member schools and communities relative to priority of location of signs and banners, or of the removal of same. This regulation does not prevent the tournament manager from using signs to direct patrons and students to their assigned seating areas, or for general instructions to assist with the administration of the tournament.

NFHS basketball rules state (Rule 1-18) The playing of music/sound effects shall only be permitted during pregame, time-outs, intermission and postgame.

The prohibition against artificial noisemakers, including but not limited to megaphones (except used by cheerleaders), cow bells, thunder sticks, sirens, clackers, cans with marbles, coins or rocks inside and varied other creative, albeit cacophonic, devices provides additional rules support for an increasingly serious problem. Game management is responsible for enforcement.

Exception: Cheerleaders may use signs or cards to lead cheers; however, they may not use banners, cutouts, or Fatheads. No megaphones will be permitted except those being used by the regular cheerleaders of a school.


Cheerleaders’ Rules

At all IHSAA tournaments, district, substate and state, there will be a limit of six cheerleaders and one mascot, if in uniform. During a tournament, you may have different individuals making up this limit of six. However, during any one tournament game, you may have only six cheerleaders. In other words, it does not have to be the same people during the entire tournament series. There can be no alternating or substituting during that tournament game. Please keep in mind during the school year, the limit of cheerleaders can be determined by the local schools.

The IHSAA Board of Control will allow a mascot in uniform in addition to six cheerleaders. In other words, you may have six cheerleaders and one mascot in uniform to perform at each tournament game. Cheerleaders and mascot must be high school students. Cheerleaders may use signs or cards to lead cheers. However, they may not use banners. No megaphones will be permitted except those being used by the regular cheerleaders of a school.


Rule 2 General Risk Management (from 2023-2024 NFHS Spirit Rules) Section 1 General


Rule 2-1-1…a coach must not permit a team member to participate if in the judgement of the coach, the participant does not conform to the NFHS rules.

Rule 2-1-2…participation in spirit squad activities during interscholastic contests and spirit competitions must be limited to bona fide students of the school who are designated as members of the school’s spirit squad(s). Only those students may participate in spirit squad activities on the sidelines, court, field or contest area during an interscholastic event, except when exhibitions during pre-game, half time or post-game period are authorized by the host school administration. A bona fide student is one who has not graduated and is eligible to participate with and compete for a designated school according to the rules of that state’s high school association and/or the local board of education.

Rule 2-1-3…practice sessions shall be held in a location suitable for spirit activities, i.e, appropriate matting, reasonably free of obstructions and excessive noise, etc.

Rule 2-1-4…performing surfaces shall be suitable and free from objects. When discarding props (signs, etc.) that are made of solid material, or have corners or sharp edges, team members must gently toss or place the props.

Rule 2-1-5…stunts (mounts, pyramids, tosses, and tumbling) must be modified to be appropriate to the performing surface/area.

Rule 2-1-6…an adequate warm up including stretching must precede all activities.

Rule 2-1-7…use of mini-tramps, springboards, spring-assisted floors or any height increasing apparatus is illegal for use during performances/competitions.

Rule 2-1-8…stunts must not be performed during a basketball or volleyball game when the ball is in play, including free throws.

Rule 2-1-9…Spirit participants must not warm-up stunts on the court or sideline area during player warm-up if an alternate area is available. If no appropriate alternate area is available, the coach must take reasonable precautions to minimize the risk to participants.

Rule 2-1-10…Spirit participants remain outside the playing area during a 30-second time-out in a basketball game. Rule 2-1-11…artificial noisemakers must not be used at indoor athletic contests except during pregame or halftime performances. EXCEPTION: megaphones, appropriately used by spirit participants on the sidelines, floor or court are permitted, if allowed by the contest official.

Rule 2-1-12…participants must not chew gum or have candy in their mouths during practice or performance.

Rule 2-1-13…Spirit participants must not stand behind the free throw lane extended during a basketball game.

Rule 2-1-14…when it is detected that a participant is bleeding, has an open wound or an excessive amount of blood on the uniform, the participant must stop performing to receive proper treatment.

Rule 2-1-14…when a participant is rendered unconscious or apparently unconscious, the participant must not be permitted to resume participation without written authorization from a physician (MD/DO).


Section 2 Participant Apparel/Accessories

Rule 2-2-1…jewelry must not be worn except for religious or medical medals, which shall be taped to the body (without a chain) under the uniform.

Rule 2-2-2…fingernails, including artificial nails, must be kept at an appropriate length (short, near the end of the fingers) to minimize risk for the participants.

Rule 2-2-3…the hair must be worn in a manner to minimize risk for the participant. Hair devices, if worn, must be secure and appropriate for the activity.

Rule 2-2-4…apparel and accessories must be appropriate for the activity involved to minimize risk for the participants.

Cheer team members must wear athletic shoes (not gymnastic slippers).

Rule 2-2-5…a participant in full head and/or body costume must not spot or stunt except for a legal forward roll or cartwheel.

Rule 2-2-6…when standing at attention, apparel must cover the midriff.

Rule 2-2-7…glitter that does not readily adhere on the hair, face, uniform, costume or the body is illegal. Glitter may be used on signs, props or backdrops if laminated or sealed.

Rule 2-2-8…supports, braces, etc, which are hard and unyielding or have rough edges or surfaces shall be appropriately covered. A participant wearing a cast (excluding a properly covered air cast) must not be involved in a stunt.

Rule 2-2-9…a single partial/whole manufacturer’s logo/trademark (no more than 2 1/4-square inches with no dimension exceeding 2 1/4 inches) is permitted on the apparel.

Rule 2-2-10…an American flag, not to exceed 2 by 3 inches, and either a commemorative or memorial patch, not to exceed 4 square inches and with written state association approval, may be worn on the uniform/costume.

Rule 2-2-11…each State Association may authorize the use of artificial limbs which in its opinion are no more dangerous to players than the corresponding human limb and do not place an opponent at a disadvantage.

These rules as well as all NFHS spirit rules shall be adhered to during all cheerleading activities.


Public Conduct On School Premises Adopted By IHSAA Board Of Control (July 1999)

School sponsored or approved activities are an important part of the school program and offer students the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities not offered during the regular school day. School sponsored or approved activities are provided for the enjoyment and opportunity for involvement they afford the students.

Spectators are permitted to attend school sponsored or approved activities only as guests of the school district, and, accordingly as a condition of such permission, they must comply with the school district’s rules and policies. Spectators will not be allowed to interfere with the enjoyment of the students participating, other spectators or with the performance of employees and officials supervising the school sponsored or approved activity. Spectators, like the student participants, are expected to display mature behavior and sportsmanship. The failure of spectators to do so is not only disruptive but embarrassing to the students, the school district and the entire community.

To protect the rights of students to participate without fear of interference, and to permit the sponsors and officials of sponsored or approved activities to perform their duties without interference, the following provisions are in effect:

Abusive, verbal or physical conduct of spectators directed at participants, officials or sponsors of sponsored or approved activities or at other spectators will not be tolerated.

Verbal or physical conduct of spectators that interferes with the performance of students, officials or sponsors of sponsored or approved activities will not be tolerated.

The use of vulgar, obscene or demeaning expression directed at students, officials or sponsors participating in a sponsored or approved activity or at other spectators will not be tolerated.

If a spectator at a sponsored or approved activity becomes physically or verbally abusive, uses vulgar, obscene or demeaning expression, or in any way impedes the performance of an activity, the spectator may be removed from the event by the individual in charge of the event and the superintendent may recommend the exclusion of the spectator at future sponsored or approved activities. (The Iowa High School Athletic Association has approved this policy for all IHSAA sponsored events.)


Conduct Counts

In this educational institution these behaviors are not acceptable:

  • Disrespectful conduct, including profanity, obscene gestures or comments, offensive remarks of a sexual nature, or other actions that demean individuals or the event. (Penalty – Ejection)
  • Throwing articles onto the contest area. (Penalty – Ejection)
  • Entering the contest area in protest or celebration. (Penalty – Ejection)
  • Physical confrontation involving contest officials, coaches/directors, contestants or spectators. (Penalty – Ejection)
  • Spectator interference with the event. (Penalty – Ejection)
  • Jumping up and down on the bleachers. (Penalty – Warning/Ejection)
  • Use of artificial noisemakers, signs or banners. (Penalty – Warning/Ejection)
  • Chants or cheers directed at opponents. (Penalty – Warning/Ejection)

Upon recommendation of the superintendent, the board shall cause a notice of exclusion from sponsored or approved activities to be sent to the spectator involved. The notice shall advise the spectator of the school district’s right to exclude the individual from school district activities and events and the duration of the exclusion. If the spectator disobeys the school official or district’s order, law enforcement authorities may be contacted and asked to remove the spectator. If a spectator has been notified of exclusion and thereafter attends a sponsored or approved activity, the spectator shall be advised that his/her attendance will result in prosecution. The school district may obtain a court order for permanent exclusion from future school sponsored or approved activities.


Use The Tournament Checklist For All Tournaments

District and Substate Tournaments: Your tournament checklist may be used by your tournament manager as follows:

  • as a data sheet to prepare program copy prior to the tournament
  • as a checklist for admission of your 18 players in uniform and additional 7 team personnel (including trainer, scorekeeper, bus driver, etc.), faculty chaperones, cheerleaders (not to exceed six), one mascot in uniform, and one cheerleader coach to the sessions in which your team plays.


Statistical Information **Bound**

Coaches shall enter all statistical information (individual and team) within 24 hours of the completion of the contest.


State Basketball Video Exchange **Hudl Account**

As per regular season protocols, coaches shall enter their most current video into the HUDL League Exchange Pool by 10 AM the next morning.

Information for Scorers and Timers

Priorities At Officials Table

A space should be provided at the officials’ table for the following priorities given in this order:

  1. The official timer
  2. The official scorer (required to wear a black and white striped garment)
  3. Public Address Announcer
  4. Shot Clock Operator
  5. An assistant timer and assistant scorer may be used;
  6. Space for the scorer from each of the two participating teams at a place as near the official scorer as possible;
  7. Place for a newspaper reporter may be provided.


Assignment Of Tournament Scorer And Timer Identifying Apparel For Your Scorer

You are requested to appoint two competent and experienced adults, one as your scorer and the other as your timer. It is essential that these two officials thoroughly understand their responsibilities.

Note: It is required that your official scorer wear a black and white striped garment and that his location be clearly marked.

You can assist in making their duties easier, more pleasant, and more efficient by providing adequate table space for them so they are not crowded by patrons, team representatives, photographers, reporters, etc. The point is, please provide such facilities so they may give their undivided attention to their prescribed duties at all times.


Duties and Responsibilities of Timers For the State Series of Basketball Tournaments

Special note to Tournament Manager: We will send you information for your timer. Please give a copy to the timer of your tournament.

You have been selected to act as the official timer in one of the state series of basketball tournaments. You will make every effort to see to it that your timing is just as accurate as possible.

Please read in the Basketball Rules Book: Rule 2, Sections 12, 13, (Duties of Timers) and Rule 5, Sections 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11.

You have the responsibility of knowing where the ball is at the moment time expires in any quarter. You will not express your convictions on the point unless invited to do so by the officials. However, the rules prescribe that if there is any doubt in the mind of the referee whether or not the ball was in the air on a try for goal at the moment the horn or gun sounds to terminate the playing period, he shall consult the timer. You are in a position to know the few seconds remaining in each period. Therefore, you should take it upon yourself to know what is happening to the ball the moment time is expiring. You should make it a point to converse with the officials prior to the start of the tournament so that all concerned have a clear understanding of the signals to be employed and procedures to be used.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation to you for the interest and efforts which you are going to exert in making our tournament a great success.


Duties And Responsibilities of Scorers

For The State Series Of Basketball Tournaments

Special Note to Tournament Manager: We will send you information for your scorer. Please give a copy to the scorer of your tournament.

You have been selected to act as the official scorer in one of the state series of basketball tournaments. Please wear a black and white striped garment which will be conspicuous to the substitutes when reporting at the table.

We are writing this for the purpose of reminding you of the great responsibility which is yours. Be sure to indicate at the bottom of each scoresheet the following four items:

Time at start of game 2. Time at end of half 3. Time at start of 2nd half 4. Time at end of game Read Rule 2, Section 11 (Duties of Scorers); also Rule 5, Sections 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12.

Very Important: You are responsible to inform the floor officials when each team has committed its 7th and 10th personal foul of each half, as required in Rule 2, Section 11, Article 10.

Also, please mark all first-quarter activities on the scoresheet of each game with green pen, second-quarter activities with black pen, third-quarter activities with red pen, and fourth quarter and any extra period activities with blue pen.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation to you for the effort which you are going to put forth in making our tournament a great success.


 Tournament Basketball

Host schools shall be responsible for supplying the Spalding LEGACY basketball as the only ball permitted to be used during the postseason.


Room For Referees

Please provide a private room which the floor and bench officials may occupy during the course of your tournament which should be available to them as a dressing room as well as a lounging room during intermissions. When your tournament basketball arrives, you will find a printed poster which should be conspicuously posted on the officials’ dressing room door.

All visitors should be excluded from the officials’ dressing room during the entire tournament. Tournament officials deserve privacy – they are entitled to discuss various phases of mechanics, rules and game administration as well as an opportunity to relax.

Officials should be left entirely alone so they will have an opportunity not only to rest but to talk privately with each other regarding the game which they are attempting to officiate.

Your cooperation in this matter will assure you of a better officiated tournament and we are certain that the officials will also appreciate it.


The Officials For Your Tournament

You will be able to access the officials assigned to your contest through DragonFly approximately 72 hours prior to the contest.

These officials will have a copy of the time schedule of your tournament, or if time is a factor in contracting the officials, they will be notified of the starting time of the opening session. The officials are instructed to arrive at least one hour prior to the first game of your tournament.


Reporting Results of Your Tournament Games

The IHSAA requests that the host notifies/reminds coaches to enter tournament game results through Varsity Bound (QuikStats Iowa) immediately following each night’s tournament games.

**Please enter your score through Varsity Bound (Quik Stats Iowa). You do not need to enter it a second time through the IHSAA website. **

It will be appreciated if you, as the tournament manager, will check to see that this responsibility of entering the results of your games is being fulfilled in a timely manner.

We would also appreciate it if you would remember the area media. Many of you have a call list of area media members that you have been using during the regular season. Also, it would be a nice gesture for you to call your tourney scores into all those media outlets who cover competing teams in your tourney.

Awards Presentation Information

​Tournament Awards

Medals will be awarded to the 18 players of the winning team of each district and substate tournament. The IHSAA will mail the medals to each tournament manager, who in turn will deliver the medals to the coach of the winning team at the conclusion of the tournament. These medals may be presented on the floor following the game, or in the privacy of the dressing room or in a school assembly, whichever the school desires. In cases where final sites have not been determined and time is too short to mail the medals to the host school, the medals will be mailed direct to the winners from the IHSAA Office.


IHSAA Awards Presentation Policy

It is the goal of the IHSAA is to protect the safety and well being of all participants, spectators, coaches, officials, and tournament staff as well as demonstrate the sportsmanship philosophy of the IHSAA and its member schools with regard to respect for the opponent during all IHSAA award presentations. In furtherance of this goal and the requirement that member schools should insure that their contestants, coaches & spectators practice the highest principles of sportsmanship and ethics of competition, the following policy has been adopted by the Board of Control:

No team(s) student body/spectators are allowed on the playing surface at the conclusion of an IHSAA postseason event without the express permission of the tournament manager.

Penalty: Team or individual awards will not be presented to the participant(s) immediately following the competition and said award(s) will be delivered to the school administration of the respective teams at a time to be determined by the Executive Director or designee of the IHSAA.

This penalty is in addition to any other penalty or sanction which may be imposed by the Board of Control, its Executive Director, or designee as a result of a violation of any other policy, rule, bylaw, or regulation of the IHSAA.

The policy shall be enforced at all IHSAA sponsored tournaments that have an awards presentation following the completion of the event. The enforcement of this policy will be at the discretion and judgment of the specific tournament manager.

The Board of Control also requests school administrators be present and visible when their respective teams are playing and assist in making sure spectators do not come onto the playing surface at the conclusion of the event until such time it is permissible following awards and recognition presentations.


Team Photograph And State Tournament Program data

Team photograph: Every school should have an appropriate team photograph available.  Your team picture should be a sharp color or B&W image. Your school will receive an information packet with specific deadlines for sending photos once tournament play begins.

If the picture is not appropriate or conducive to reproduction, it will not be used. Appropriate is defined as players in uniform with no props. What may be considered in good taste for a poster may not be considered in good taste for the state tournament program.


Team Questionnaire And Other Information

Your school will receive an information packet with noted deadlines for returning forms once tournament play begins. Enclosed with this packet will be a questionnaire as well as other forms to provide information for official state tournament publications.

For the Postseason Media Manual complete with Policies, fees, and applications for livestreaming and video access:

  • Please visit the IHSAA website at
  • Look under the Resources tab and click on Media.
  • Then scroll down.

Financial Information

Financial Plans For District And Substate Tournaments

The manager of the tournament shall be responsible for the loss of any funds from any cause due to their negligence. It shall be considered negligence for a manager to keep tournament receipts in a school vault on which there is not adequate insurance.

The host school will receive 23% of the aggregate gross receipts up to receipts of $5,000, plus 10% of the receipts beyond $5,000 to compensate them for the use of their facilities and energy in promoting the district tournament. The minimum amount paid to the host school will be $200.

The local manager will forward all receipts to the IHSAA Office immediately following the tournament.

The tournament manager will admit 18 players, a head coach, assistant coaches, student managers, one scorer, one trainer, the team bus driver, cheerleader coach, and cheerleaders, not to exceed six and one mascot if in uniform, free to the tournament providing they have been certified by their school superintendent on the tournament checklist as being the authorized representatives of their school.

The payment of all transportation allowances and the payment of the amount due to the host school for conducting the tournament will be paid by check directly to the schools from the IHSAA. Payment of expense allowance to the schools will be figured on the basis of $1.20 per mile one way most direct route for each trip the school makes to the tournament center.

State Tournament Information

Staff Tournament Information

A teleconference involving all schools that have qualified for the state tournament will be held on the following dates at 8:00 A.M.

Monday, February 26th  – All Class 1A and Class 2A schools (16) Tuesday, February 27th – All Class 3A schools (8) Wednesday, February 28th – All Class 4A schools (8)

It is recommended that both the school Athletic Director and Head Basketball Coach be involved in this teleconference. Directions regarding how to access this teleconference will be sent out prior to the conference call.


Schools Qualifying For the State Basketball Tournament

The visiting team spectators will sit on the side opposite the scorer’s table. The home team spectators will sit behind the scorer’s table. The two sides of the floor will be used by the fans of the two teams playing. When their game is over, if the fans would stand and face the floor, exit to their right and go to any place in the arena they want to sit, the next two teams’ fans will fill in those courtside seats.


State Tournament Lanyards For Participating Players, Coaches & Cheerleaders

Each school is provided 25 lanyards for 18 players, coaches, assistant coaches, managers, statistician, trainer and bus driver as determined by the school. You will need your lanyards for each session whether your team is playing or not. Additional lanyards will not be available for purchase.


Hotel Accommodations In Des Moines Metro Area

There are many hotel/motel facilities in Des Moines. It will be each individual team’s responsibility to arrange for accommodations. Please have in mind how many athletes you want to assign to each room. Likewise, if you are going to make room accommodations for your cheerleaders, do so at this time. You may stay wherever you desire but once you are certain you will be staying in Des Moines and competing, you should make your reservations so you can stay at the place of your choice.


Teams Advancing To State Tournament

Teams advancing to the state tournament will receive dressing room assignments and locations from the IHSAA Office. The dressing rooms will be unlocked 75 minutes before the first scheduled game each day. Do not bring basketballs to Wells Fargo Arena as basketballs will be furnished for your pre-game warm-ups. Towels will not be furnished for your sessions and games; therefore, bring your own supply. Water coolers and sanitary cups will be at courtside during all games. Do not leave valuables in dressing rooms at any time. Place valuables inside a bag and have someone in charge of them. A trainer and physician will be at your service during games. Teams will not be permitted to watch games prior to their contest or after their contest. At the conclusion of their contest, schools shall leave the arena as soon as possible.


Practice Facility for Teams Advancing to the State Tournament

The Iowa High School Athletic Association has teamed up with Prairie Trail Sports Complex in Ankeny to provide a 94 foot basketball court for all state qualifying teams to use while in the Des Moines area.  Schools will be able to reserve 1 hour of time at no charge to prepare for your upcoming contest(s).  The IHSAA will provide you with contact information as you qualify for the state tournament.  Schools are permitted to use other facilities as well while in the Des Moines area.


Team Trainer and Physician

The IHSAA will provide a trainer and physician. During games they will be at courtside. First-aid rooms and equipment are likewise available.


White And Dark Uniforms

The higher seeded team on the bracket will be considered the home team and wear their white jerseys and the lower seeded team will be considered the away team and wear their dark jerseys during all rounds of the state tournament.


Awards to State Tournament Teams

A trophy will be awarded to the school and medals will be awarded to players, managers, cheerleaders, and coaches of those teams eliminated in the first round and semi-final round. These awards will be presented to the first-round losers immediately following their game. The coaches of these teams shall assume the responsibility of having their players and managers assembled on the edge of the playing floor at the conclusion of their first-round games so these awards may be given, thereby giving proper recognition to these players, managers, cheerleaders, and coaches while their fans are there to show their support and appreciation for the fine season they have completed. The cheerleaders should join the team and be present on the floor to receive their medals. Immediately following championship game, trophies, medals, and all-tournament team awards will be presented. The cheerleaders are welcome to be on the floor to also receive their awards along with the teams at the conclusion of the consolation games and championship games.


State Tournament Plaques

Each team that qualifies for the state basketball tournament will have a team picture taken by the IHSAA prior to their first game. After the qualifiers have been determined, a schedule will be made so you will know, prior to coming to the state tournament, the time your team picture will be taken. A color photo of the team will be taken and placed on a plaque designating that your team was a state tournament participant. The school will receive 16 plaques compliments of the IHSAA. Additional plaques can be ordered by contacting the Iowa High School Athletic Association.


Autograph Basketballs

Each team that qualifies for the state basketball tournament will receive up to 19 autographed basketballs based on roster #’s on behalf of the Iowa High School Athletic Association and Iowa Farm Bureau, as part of the corporate sponsorship agreement between the organizations.

Each basketball player and head coach who qualifies for the state tournament will receive an autographed basketball the week prior to the tournament. Each player will sign each other’s ball so that upon returning from the state tournament, every player will have a ball with the signature of every player on their team to keep in commemoration of the Boys State Basketball Tournament.

Each school will also receive one basketball that may be placed in their trophy case. If schools have more than 18 players, they may purchase additional autographed basketballs for $30 each. These may be ordered through the Iowa High School Athletic Association within one week following the tournament.

State tournament teams will be contacted by their district Farm Bureau Representative to make arrangements for the presentation at a pep assembly, awards banquet, or prior to or following a practice.

We ask each school to please acknowledge and give credit to the Iowa Farm Bureau for their interest in the youth of the state of Iowa, the activities programs and in this case, basketball. We suggest an article be placed in your local paper and a thank you letter be sent to the Farm Bureau Representative in your area who makes the presentation.


Financial Arrangements For Teams Advancing To The State Basketball Tournament

We want you to know that the IHSAA wants to treat all of your players in a first-class fashion. We have adopted a system that works out in a fair and equitable manner. We recognize there is much pressure on administrators for your teams to come and stay in Des Moines, barring unforeseen weather and loss of school time, we feel the following financial arrangement works out very satisfactorily for everyone.

The schools will be paid $1.85 per mile one way most direct route for each allowable trip to Des Moines.

Schools traveling less than 100 miles will receive an allowance of $10 per traveling party. Schools traveling over 100 miles and don’t use lodging will receive $20 per traveler, or $40 per traveler when using lodging.

Lodging: Please note that any school less than 100 miles from Des Moines will not receive additional allowances for lodging.

Schools will assume the responsibility of paying expenses for their cheerleaders and all other people associated with the tournament, with the exception of the 25-person traveling squad. It has never been the policy of the IHSAA to pay expenses for the chaperones, cheerleader coach, cheerleaders or any other people associated with the traveling team.


Information Regarding Tickets

There will be a total of 28 games in the state tournament played in the Wells Fargo Arena, Des Moines, Iowa. Tickets are reserved seating and will be sold in pods of 2, 4 and 6. All tickets in that pod are required to be purchased. The reserved seated tickets are $10.00 for per game. A reserved seating student section will be designated for each participating school. Spectators will be required to exit the arena at the conclusion of their respective game.


Pep Bands At State Basketball Tournament

Participating schools will be allowed to provide a pep band for all games of the state tournament, except the championship games on Friday evening. It is optional if the school wishes to provide a pep band for any of their games. If your pep band will be performing, contact the IHSAA prior to the state tournament. The limit for each pep band is 50 members and they will receive complimentary admission.

Any time the IHSAA has half-time performances or between games award presentations, pep bands will not be allowed to play until the award presentations have been completed. If amplified instruments are used, each school must furnish its own power cord and accept the risk of it becoming unplugged.

Pep bands will be at court level. The pep band for the school designated as the “home team“ will occupy the area on the southwest corner of the floor, and the pep band for the team designated as “visitor” will occupy the area at the northeast corner of the floor.  It is the expectation that pep band members will stay in their designated area on the floor during their contest.