IHSAA partners with the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union, the Iowa High School Music Association, and the Iowa High School Speech Association to form the Unified Activities Federation for Iowa interscholastic activities. Each year, each organization’s representatives and boards submit and approve a calendar to work jointly. 



IHSAA: Iowa High School Athletic Association

IGHSAU: Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union

IHSMA: Iowa High School Music Association

IHSSA: Iowa High School Speech Association



Last approved: April 25, 2022

MonthDateOrganization(s)EventNFHS Week
July24-31Iowa High School Activities Non-Contact Period4/5
August8IHSAA & IGHSAUFall Sport Practice Starts6
August10IHSAA & IGHSAUNew Athletic Directors Workshop
August13IHSSAJudges/Coaches Workshop
September5Labor Day10
October1IHSSAState Debate Clinic13
October4IHSAAGolf: Fall District Meets14
October8IHSMAMarching Band: State Festival, North
October8-9IHSAAGolf: Fall State Meet
October14-15IHSSA Coaches Convention15
October15IHSMAMarching Band: State Festival, South
October17IGHSAUVolleyball: Regional Tournament (1A, 2A, 3A)16
October18IGHSAUVolleyball: Regional Tournament (4A, 5A)
October19IHSMAAll-State Festival: Piano Auditions
October19IGHSAUVolleyball: Regional Tournament (1A, 2A, 3A)
October19IHSAA & IGHSAUCross Country: State Qualifying Meets (3A, 4A)
October20IGHSAUVolleyball: Regional Tournament (4A, 5A)
October20IHSAA & IGHSAUCross Country: State Qualifying Meets (1A, 2A)
October21IHSAAFootball: Playoffs, First Round (8P, A, 1A, 2A)
October22IHSMAAll-State Festival: District Auditions
October24IGHSAUVolleyball: Regional Tournament (1A, 2A)17
October25IGHSAUVolleyball: Regional Tournament (3A, 4A, 5A)
October26IGHSAUVolleyball: Regional Tournament (1A, 2A)
October28IHSAAFootball: Playoffs, First Round (3A, 4A, 5A)
October28IHSAAFootball: Playoffs, Second Round (8P, A, 1A, 2A)
October28IHSAA & IGHSAUCross Country: State Meet (1A, 2A)
October29IHSAA & IGHSAUCross Country: State Meet (3A, 4A)
October31IGHSAUWrestling: Practice Starts18
Oct./Nov.31-3IGHSAUVolleyball: State Tournament (All)
November3IGHSAUSwimming & Diving: Diving, Regional Meet
November3IHSAAFootball: Playoffs, Quarterfinals (8P)
November4IHSAAFootball: Playoffs, Quarterfinals (A, 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A)
November5IGHSAUSwimming & Diving: Swimming, Regional Meet
November7IHSAA & IGHSAUBasketball (Girls), Swimming (Boys), Bowling (Both): Practice Starts19
November7IHSAA & IGHSAUNew Athletic Directors Workshop, Part 2
November9-12IHSAAFootball: Playoffs, Semifinals (All)
November11-12IGHSAUSwimming & Diving: State Meet
November14IHSAABasketball, Wrestling: Practice Starts20
November17-18IHSAAFootball: Playoffs, Finals (All)
November17-19IHSMAAll-State Music Festival
November24Thanksgiving Day21
January6-7IHSSADebate: State Tournament27
January21IHSSADistrict Contest: Large Group29
January23IHSMAJazz Band: State Festival, North (All) 30
January27-28IGHSAUWrestling: State Qualifying Meet
January28IHSMAJazz Band: State Festival, South (All)
January30IHSMAShow Choir: State Festival (All)31
January31IHSAAWrestling: Regional Dual Meets (All)
February2-3IGHSAUWrestling: State Individual Tournament
February4IHSSAState Contest, Large Group
February4IHSAAWrestling: State Dual Tournament (All)
February4IHSAASwimming: District Meets
February6IHSMAJazz Choir: State Festival (All)32
February9IGHSAUBasketball: Regional Tournament (1A)
February10IHSAABasketball: District Tournament (1A)
February10-11IHSAASwimming: State Meet
February11IGHSAUBasketball: Regional Tournament (2A, 3A)
February11IHSAAWrestling: District Meets (All)
February13IHSAABasketball: District Tournament (1A, 2A)
February13-14IHSAA & IGHSAUBowling: State Qualifying Tournaments (All)33
February14IGHSAUBasketball: Regional Tournament (1A, 2A)
February15IGHSAUBasketball: Regional Tournament (3A, 4A, 5A)
February15-18IHSAAWrestling: State Individual Tournament (All)
February16IHSAABasketball: District Tournament (1A, 2A)
February17IGHSAUBasketball: Regional Tournament (1A, 2A)
February18IGHSAUBasketball: Regional Tournament (3A, 4A, 5A)
February18IHSSAAll-State Festival, Large Group
February20IHSAABasketball: Substate Tournament (3A, 4A)
February20IHSAA & IGHSAUTrack & Field: Practice Starts34
February20-22IHSAA & IGHSAUBowling: State Tournaments (All)
February21IGHSAUBasketball: Regional Tournament, 4A, 5A
February21IHSAABasketball: District Tournament, 1A, 2A
February22IGHSAUBasketball: Regional Tournament, 1A, 2A
February23IHSAABasketball: Substate Tournament (3A)
February24IHSAABasketball: Substate Tournament (4A)
February25IHSAABasketball: Substate Tournament (1A, 2A)
February25IHSSADistrict Contest, Individual Events
Feb/March27-4IGHSAUBasketball: State Tournament (All)
February27IHSAABasketball: Substate Tournament (3A)35
February28IHSAABasketball: Substate Tournament (4A)
March6-10IHSAABasketball: State Tournament (All)36
March10-11IHSSAState Contest, Individual Events
March13IHSAA & IGHSAUGolf, Soccer,Tennis: Practice Starts37
March25IHSMAState Festival: Solos and Ensembles (3A)38
March27IHSSAIHSSA Individual Events All-State Festival39
April1IHSMAState Festival: Solos and Ensembles (2A)
April15IHSMAState Festival: Solos and Ensembles (1A, 4A)42
May1IHSAA & IGHSAUBaseball,Softball: Practice Starts44
May5IHSMAState Festival: Large Group (2A, 4A); Orchestra: Quad Cities Area Only
May5IHSMAState Festival: Large Group (1A, 3A)
May6IHSMAState Festival: Large Group (2A, 4A)
May8IHSAATennis: District Meets, Singles & Doubles (All)45
May10IHSAAGolf: Sectional Meets (All)
May10IGHSAUTennis: Regional Meets, Singles & Doubles (All)
May11IHSAA & IGHSAUTrack & Field: State Qualifying Meets (All)
May12IGHSAUGolf: Regional Meets (1A, 2A)
May12IHSAATennis: Preliminary Substate Meets, Team (All)
May13IGHSAUTeam: Regional Meets, Team (All)
May15IHSAAGolf: District Meets (All)46
May16IGHSAUTennis: Regional Meets, Team (All)
May16IHSAASoccer: Substate Tournament (1A)
May17IGHSAUSoccer: Regional Tournament (1A)
May17IGHSAUGolf: Regional Meets (All)
May17IHSAATennis: Substate & Quaterfinals, Team (All)
May18-20IHSAA & IGHSAUTrack & Field: State Meet (All)
May18IHSAASoccer: Substate Tournament (All)
May19IGHSAUSoccer: Regional Tournament (2A, 3A)
May20IGHSAUTennis: Substate & Quarterfinals, Team (All)
May22IGHSAUTennis: Quarterfinals, Team (1A, if necessary)47
May22-23IHSAAGolf: State Meet (All)
May22, 24IHSAASoccer: Substate Tournament (All)
May23-24IHSAATennis: State Meet, Singles & Doubles (All)
May23, 25IGHSAUSoccer: Regional Tournament (All)
May25-26IGHSAUGolf: State Meet (All)
May26-27IGHSAUTennis: State Meet, Singles & Doubles (All)
May29Memorial Day48
May30IGHSAUTennis: State Meet, Team (All)
May30IHSAASoccer: State Tournament (All)
May31IGHSAUSoccer: State Tournament (All)
May/June31, 1IHSAATennis: State Meet, Team (All)
June1IHSAASoccer: State Tournament (All)
June2IGHSAUSoccer: State Tournament (All)
June3IHSAA & IGHSAUSoccer: State Tournament (All)
June6IHSAA & IGHSAUGolf: State Coed Meet49
June6IHSAA & IGHSAUTennis: State Coed Meet
June29IHSAABaseball: District Tournament (1A)52
June30IGHSAUSoftball: Regional Tournament (1A, 2A)
July1IHSAABaseball: District Tournament (1A, 2A)
July5IHSAABaseball: District Tournament (1A, 2A)1
July5IGHSAUSoftball: Regional Tournament (1A, 2A, 3A)
July6IGHSAUSoftball: Regional Tournament (4A, 5A)
July7IGHSAUSoftball: Regional Tournament (1A, 2A, 3A)
July7IHSAABaseball: District Tournament (3A)
July7IHSAABaseball: Substate Tournament (4A)
July8IHSAABaseball: District Tournament (1A, 2A)
July8IGHSAUSoftball: Regional Tournament (4A, 5A)
July10IHSAABaseball: Substate Tournament (4A)2
July10IHSAABaseball: District Tournament (3A)
July10IGHSAUSoftball: Regional Tournament (1A, 2A, 3A)
July11IHSAABaseball: Substate Tournament (1A, 2A)
July11IGHSAUSoftball: Regional Tournament (4A, 5A)
July12IHSAABaseball: Substate Tournament (3A, 4A)
July17-21IHSAABaseball: State Tournament (All)3
July17-21IGHSAUSoftball: State Tournament (All)3
July23-30Iowa High School Activities Non-Contact Period4/5