At a brief Zoom video conference meeting on Tuesday morning, the Iowa High School Athletic Association’s Board of Control granted member schools the ability to conduct regular season contests following postseason elimination from fall boys’ sports.

The decision is intended for member schools which lost regular season contests during the 2020 fall seasons due to impact from COVID-19 or the August derecho storm. The permission is granted for all high school levels of competition in the IHSAA sports of football, cross country, and Class 4A golf.

To schedule additional contests, the following conditions must be met:

  • The contest(s) must be completed prior to the IHSAA state event.
    • Football: Prior to November 18.
    • Cross Country: Prior to October 30.
    • Golf: Prior to October 9.
  • The total number of regular season contests may not exceed the allowable limit in that sport.
    • Football: 7 regular season contests.
    • Cross Country: 10 regular season contests.
    • Golf: 12 regular season contests.
  • The contest(s) may not be scheduled on any date in which an IHSAA postseason event in that sport is scheduled.
  • The contest(s) may only be schedule with member schools who also lost regular season games due to COVID-19 or the derecho storm.

This permission applies to 2020 IHSAA fall sports and mirrors the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union plan for girls’ fall sports.

To request or schedule additional contests, member school athletic directors should contact the IHSAA administrator for the respective sport.