Spring Hitting Drills Guidance

Each program (9-12) is allowed 15 total days of hitting practice starting with the Monday of Week 35 (February 28, 2022) to the first day of practice.

Regardless if one student shows up or 100 students, it is a team limitation and not an individual limitation.

Each coach will determine the hitting progression for his program. Each hitting session shall not be longer than one, continuous, 3-hour maximum time-period. These sessions are meant for hitting instruction.

No base running or fielding drills are to be done during these sessions.

Students can field batted ball and throw balls back to the pitching area; however, throws across the infield are not to occur.

Hitting instruction can take place either indoors or outdoors. Students can only throw to batters from a flat surface behind an L-screen in a cage or in a soft-toss hitting drill. Pitchers and catchers can use this time as their contact period, but pitchers cannot throw to batters from the mound during these workout sessions.