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IHSAA Postseason Lead-Up Video Access

Policies, fees, applications for media outlets and schools or individuals interested in producing video at postseason lead-up events.

The Iowa High School Sports Network and NFHS Network maintain exclusive rights for select IHSAA state tournament and postseason events.

Host schools receive reimbursement from IHSAA for 50% of the assigned access fees. This page and its associated fees do not apply to consumers.


STEP 1: 

Review video access policies below.

STEP 2: 

Complete application form at bottom of this page. 

STEP 3: 

Await confirmation and approval for video access from IHSAA and host school.

STEP 4: 

Submit payment through online payment link OR via check to IHSAA office. 

Video Access Policies


This list pertains to all requests for video broadcasts (over-the-air television, cable television, internet webcasts, internet streams, etc.) of IHSAA-sponsored postseason events, such as sectionals, regionals, districts, and substates, which lead up to IHSAA state tournaments.


1. NFHS Network holds rights and right of first refusal to IHSAA postseason events leading up to state tournaments, and select state tournament events. Third party broadcasts are prohibited at events selected and shown by NFHS Network. If the NFHS Network accepts a broadcast after a third party has applied for access, the third party applicant will be refunded by the IHSAA.

2. Schools or student groups operating broadcasts within the NFHS School Broadcast Program do not need to apply or pay for postseason productions at their venue. These broadcasts qualify as NFHS Network broadcasts. Any other school or student group wishing to broadcast should apply through the form linked below.

3. All approved video access applicants must download and display the IHSAA logo as a corner on-screen graphic, if technologically capable.

4. All approved video access applicants must download and display at least three (3) selected IHSAA advertisements provided by the IHSAA and/or its partners during the event production. If the production is not technologically capable of implementing these videos at this time, three (3) advertisements will be provided to be read during the event production. 

5. Applications must be submitted at least 24 hours in advance of the event’s scheduled start time.

6. Payments must be submitted online or postmarked within two days after the selected event occurring, unless otherwise coordinated with the IHSAA.

7. Reproductions or copies of the broadcast shall not be sold or distributed without written consent from the IHSAA.

8. Advertisements or promotions associated with alcohol, tobacco, firearms, gambling, performance enhancing substances, or lewd subject matter are prohibited.

9. Any outlet which simulcasts its broadcast over multiple platforms is not subject to multiple access fees. Only one fee will be applied by the IHSAA.

10. Applications do not require resubmission for games or events that are postponed or delayed. Only one approved form and access fee is necessary for the entirety of an event.

11. Video access policies and fees apply whether an approved broadcast is “live” or “tape-delayed.” No differentiation is made regarding timing or platform of release from an applicant.

12. The IHSAA reserves the right to remove access to its events at any time and may discontinue this agreement immediately if the broadcast entity violates IHSAA rules and regulations or expresses views incompatible with the values of the IHSAA and interscholastic athletics.



Broadcasters will be responsible for coordinating setup and production with the event/tournament manager at each host site. Parking, entry, credentialing, and work space are at the discretion of the event/tournament manager or administrator. If the host site cannot facilitate or allow access, any access fees paid by applicants will be refunded by the IHSAA. Broadcast equipment, including tripods and protective cases, shall not be placed in tournament seating areas or obstruct the view or personal space of tournament spectators.

Video Access Fees


Host schools receive reimbursement from IHSAA for 50% of the assigned access fees.



  5A, 4A, 3A 2A, 1A, A, 8P
Round of 32 $250
Round of 16 $500 $400
Quarterfinal $600 $500



  3A, 2A, 1A
Regional Duals $250
District Tournament $500



  4A, 3A 2A, 1A
District Rounds $250
Substate Rounds $400
Substate Finals $500 $400



  All Classes
All Rounds $250



  All Classes
State Qualifying Meet $500


Per Game: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer.

Per Date: Golf, Swimming, Tennis, Wrestling.

Please Inquire: Bowling, Cross Country, Golf, Track & Field.


Via check or electronic payment (credit card required) through the button below.

Please send checks to: IHSAA, c/o Accounting, 1605 S. Story Street, Boone, IA 50036


Reminder: Completing an application is not a guarantee of postseason broadcasting access. Approval must be received from the host site by the IHSAA, and confirmation of access will be sent by the IHSAA. Payment should be submitted after confirmation and approval are received by applicant.


To be completed by the entity requesting access to broadcast an IHSAA-sponsored postseason lead-up event via television or Internet.

Permission to access and broadcast the selected event may be granted following application receipt and review by the IHSAA and the host site. You will be contacted by the IHSAA once an application has been approved or denied.


New for 2023 Football
  • No applications will be processed until after NFHS Network’s selection period (10 a.m. on Oct. 16, 23, and 30).
  • Applicants interested in sharing video with NFHS Network via simulcast should contact IHSAA communications director Chris Cuellar: [email protected].
    • Applicants maintain control of preferred platform, in addition to sharing video with NFHS Network.
Name of media outlet, school, network, etc.
Applicant Contact Name(Required)
Name of person applying.
Email address of person applying.
Phone number of person applying.
Date of Event(Required)
Select sport applicant is requesting video access for:
Select classification of event:
Which member school is hosting this game or which school is serving as host if at a neutral site?
How many individuals will be working for your organization on site?
How many cameras will be in operation for this event?
If no announcers or audio, please indicate.
Please send the best available link or channel listing for this event at time of application.

Policy Consents

The items below are informational for the IHSAA at this time. They are not required to submit this application, per policy above. If you do not currently agree, you can still submit the application through the button below.