Ejection Report: School


School Athletic Director or coach completes this report when an athlete or coach from their own school has been ejected from a 7-12 grade contest
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Please select if the ejected coach is a teacher or non-teacher, if applicable.
Select the numbered offense for this athlete in this specific sport season
Example: Jones H.S. vs. South H.S. at South H.S.
Give a brief reason for the ejection. Examples: unsportsmanlike conduct, malicious contact, foul language
Example: 5-18-22 vs. Southwest H.S.
This applies to the final game of a sports season for 7-11 graders and coaches who are ejected and would sit out the first game of that sport for the next school year. 12th graders ejected from the final game of a season sit out the first game of their next sport in which they participate.
Give name(s) of the game officials - if unknown, type in "unknown"
Provide more specific details of the ejection here, if necessary or desired