2019-2020 Starting Dates

2018-19 Starting Dates

2018-2019 Unified Activity Calendar (Approved)

2019-2020 Unified Activity Calendar (Tentative)

2020-2021 Unified Activity Calendar (Tentative)

2021-2022 Unified Activity Calendar (Tentative)

2022-2023 Unified Activity Calendar (Tentative)


Classifications & Enrollment

2019-20: AlphabeticalNumerical

2018-19: Alphabetical | Numerical

2017-18: Alphabetical | Numerical

2016-17: Alphabetical | Numerical

Enrollment figures from previous school year used for sports classifications for following school year.  Source: Basic Educational Data Survey, Iowa Department of Education.



2018-19 IHSAA Handbook – Update: 11/26/18

2017-19 Junior High Sports Manual

2018-19 Junior High Manual Updates

2018-19 Fall Sports Manual

2018-19 Winter Sports Manual

2017-18 Spring Sports Manual


Scholarship Regulations

Guidance on Scholarship Rule

2019-2020 Scholarship Rule Starting Dates

2018-19 Scholarship Starting Dates

Department of Education & IHSAA Basics

Coach-Athlete Contact – FAQs

School District Changes

Cooperative Sharing & Student Participation

Eligibility in District Reorganization

Public School Eligibility – District Dissolution, Reorganization, Sharing

Non-Public School Eligibility – District Dissolution, Reorganization, Mergers


Transfer Checklist

Quick Reference to General Transfer Rule

Quick Reference to Open Enrollment Transfer Rule

Students Open Enrolling Due to Bullying & Harassment

Disaster Recovery Relief, 2019-20

For complete eligibility information, see the IHSAA Handbook.


Governmental Guidelines

Disabled Student Participation Information – NFHS, DOE, OCR

Legal Perspectives, Recommendations on State Concussion Laws – NFHS

Public Employees Gift Law

Petition for Rule Making – Iowa Administrative Code

Transgender Student-Athlete Guidelines



Alcohol & Tobacco on School Premises

Drones at Postseason Events

Pets at Postseason Events



2018-19 Media Policy Manual

Postseason Live Video: Policies | Fees | Applications


History & Awards

A Brief History of the IHSAA

Conference Affiliations

Current Schools, Nicknames, Conferences

History of Member Schools, 1905-1958

Lyle Quinn/Bernie Saggau Award Winners

Morris D. Kelley Award Winners

School Administrator Award Winners

Sports Media Award Winners

Sports Medicine Award Winners


Lighting Guidelines

IHSAA Guidelines & Standards Overview