Football schedules for the 2023 and 2024 regular seasons are now available for all participating schools.

District and group assignments were posted in March following Board of Control approval. The 2023 football season will be the first with a socioeconomic factor added for classifications. Approved this winter by the State Board of Education, the classification adjustment will reduce 40 percent of a school’s free or reduced lunch (FRL) count from their annual enrollment to determine their final classification number.

Class 5A uses a success model for its group format and regular season scheduling. Schools in 2A, 1A, A, and 8P that do not qualify for the postseason may schedule a ninth game if they desire.

Regular season football schedules are determined by the IHSAA. Regular season schedules for all other IHSAA sports are determined by member schools and their conferences. 

Districts and groups are assigned by the IHSAA, then schools select preferred non-district opponents and submit them to IHSAA through a priority list. The IHSAA attempts to align schedules with as many priority list selections as possible, however, opponents and availability cannot be guaranteed.

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Schedules are organized by classification and district/group, and can be viewed through the links below.

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