Basketball: State Tournament Questionnaire

Basketball: State Tournament Questionnaire

To be completed by coaches or athletic directors on behalf of boys’ basketball teams qualified or qualifying for the 2024 IHSAA State Basketball Tournament.

  • School Information

  • Name, Number of Seasons as Head Coach, Record as Head Coach
  • List of names of assistant coaches
  • Names of any team managers, if applicable
  • Names of any team trainers or doctors, if applicable
  • Team Information

  • Please list the positions and names of the 5 probable starters for next week’s tournament. (i.e., Guard: John Doe)
  • Please list the phonetic pronunciations for players or coaches on your roster (i.e., Cuellar – Kway-ar)
  • Are there are any feature or human interest stories with your team this season that you believe the IHSAA or media across the state should know about or highlight?
  • Can you list select student-athletes who have: 1. Participated in other state tournament events; 2. Committed to colleges for athletics? Please list any or all that may apply.
  • Team Photo

  • The photo should be a minimum of 500 KB and maximum of 32 MB when you upload. If it is larger than 32 MB, your questionnaire will not be submitted properly. By uploading this photo, you are granting the IHSAA permission of use for state tournament coverage of the 2024 IHSAA State Basketball Tournament.
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, Max. file size: 32 MB.
  • Please list the players, coaches, and other personnel who may be in this photo, going Left to Right and Front to Back.
  • If we have questions or need more information from this questionnaire, who should we contact?