Baseball: State Tournament Questionnaire


State Baseball Questionnaire

To be completed by coaches or athletic directors on behalf of qualified or qualifying for the 2023 IHSAA State Baseball Tournament.

  • Staff Information

  • Name, Number of Seasons as Head Coach, Record as Head Coach
  • List of names of assistant coaches
  • Names of any team managers, if applicable
  • Names of any team trainers or doctors, if applicable
  • Team Information

  • Please list the positions and names of the 9 probable starters in the field, including up to 3 pitchers. (i.e., RF: John Doe; CF: John Smith)
  • Please list the phonetic pronunciations for players or coaches on your roster (i.e., Cuellar - Kway-ar)
  • Team Photo

  • If you have taken a team photo this summer, please upload it here. The photo should be a minimum of 500 KB and maximum of 16 MB when you upload. If you have issues uploading, please send to [email protected] ASAP. By uploading this photo, you are granting the IHSAA permission of use for published and digital coverage of the 2023 IHSAA State Baseball Tournament.
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, Max. file size: 16 MB.
  • Please list the players, coaches, and other personnel who may be in this photo, going Left to Right and Front to Back.
  • If we have questions or need more information from this questionnaire, who should we contact?