Leadership in Violence Prevention

Partnering to Prevent Bullying and Gender Violence in Our Schools & Communities

IHSAA partners with the Center for Violence Prevention (CVP) at the University of Northern Iowa to help students engage in topics that build positive environments in and outside of the classroom. By preventing violence and creating safer communities, students are able to better learn, grow, and excel in their academics, athletics, and activities.

The CVP’s Mission

The mission of the Center for Violence Prevention (CVP) is to build the capacity of institutions of higher education, K-12 schools, victim service agencies, law enforcement, and the criminal justice system to systematically implement best practice violence prevention and evaluation strategies in collaboration with state, family, and community partners.

How the CVP Makes an Impact

  • Conducting common bullying and gender violence prevention training and workshops with school and community partners
  • Increasing the engagement of men in working to reduce and end violence and abuse
  • Supporting schools and community partners in their efforts to maintain and sustain bullying and violence prevention initiatives and strategies
  • Making data-informed decisions with schools and communities in their efforts to reduce and end all forms of bullying and gender-based violence

Mentors in Violence Prevention

The Center for Violence Prevention promotes the Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) program, a peer leadership model that targets both potential perpetrators and those in the bystander role. This model uses trained student leaders (MVP mentors) and supportive adults to walk through real-life scenarios and guide discussions around them. Through this, participants will gain a playbook of concrete ways to confront and challenge norms that support bullying and gender violence.


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