Promoting Community Service Across the State

The Iowa Pride Challenge is a statewide community service initiative for Iowa schools. The annual program was launched in 2010 and is administered through the IHSAA office.  Participating schools have the opportunity to select a service project that is meaningful for their students and community, win service awards, and high schools can compete in the Pride Scrimmage/Exhibition.

How to Participate

All Iowa schools are encouraged to participate (but they’re not required). If your school wants to participate, you must select a service project and register your plans using the online IHSAA Varsity Bound Forms available to your AD.

School Service Awards

Service awards will be based on the Summary Reports and supporting materials submitted by each school. Four $500 awards (at large across the state) will be awarded to the most outstanding community service projects coordinated by a participating high school. One school will receive a $1,000 award for the top service award-winning school for the year.

The Pride Scrimmage/

Schools participating in the Pride Challenge are eligible to participate in a “Pride Scrimmage/Exhibition” (high schools only). Schools that receive authorization for a Pride Scrimmage are permitted to use one of their 3 allotted basketball scrimmages (boys and/or girls) to play a regulation game under all normal game conditions, including charging admission, keeping score, and using officials. All schools wishing to participate in a Pride Scrimmage must have the HOST school register online through the Varsity Bound forms at IHSAA.

Pride Scrimmage/
Exhibition FAQs

Can JV and/or Freshmen teams participate in a Pride Scrimmage?

A single event may include Varsity, JV, and Freshmen (if part of the high school basketball program). A single event may include boys and girls.

How many Pride Scrimmages can we participate in?

Each school is permitted to participate in a maximum of ONE Pride Scrimmage event for the girls’ team(s) and ONE Pride Scrimmage event for the boys’ team(s).

Can we charge admission at our Pride Scrimmage?

Yes, schools are permitted to charge admission.

Does our Pride Scrimmage count on our record?

Schools are permitted to keep score, but Pride Scrimmages do not count on a team’s record.

Does our Pride Scrimmage have to be a full regulation game?

No, it is at the discretion of the participating schools whether to play a full regulation game or a modified version.

Can we include a three-point contest or free-throw shooting contest?

The event may include additional activities such as a three-point contest or free-throw contest. Schools also have the option of a more traditional scrimmage scenario.

When can we schedule our Pride Scrimmage?

Pride Scrimmages must take place during the designated time frame (Nov. 8, 2021 to Dec. 18, 2021).

What happens to Pride Scrimmage Revenues?

Proceeds from the Pride Scrimmage may either be used to benefit your chosen service project or may be retained by the host school.

How do we get approval to participate in a Pride Scrimmage?

The host school is responsible for completing a brief online application through their IHSAA Varsity Bound forms.

When will we receive authorization to go ahead with our Pride Scrimmage?

After submitting the online form, the application will be reviewed and an email will be sent to the host school contact that was provided on the form with permission to proceed or request for additional information.

When is the final deadline to register our service project with the Pride Challenge?

The service project must be submitted at the same time as the scrimmage application. The service project may take place ANYTIME during the months of October, November, and December after it is approved.

When is the final deadline to submit our Pride Scrimmage Application?

November 5, 2021 – all applications must be approved BEFORE scrimmages occur.

Have any Questions?

Questions regarding the Iowa Pride Challenge should be directed to Chad Elsberry, IHSAA Assistant Director, by email at